Public Speaking Training

Conquering The Fear Of Speaking

If you would like to see the people within your organization improve their ability to give effective presentations, public speaking events, sales presentations, conferences, or any other speaking events, taking part in this training session will help you and your organization do just that. You can expect to have improvements in the communication and presentation skills of your employees immediately after completing this training session. If you are the type to type to get nervous when speaking at a company meeting or find it difficult to start conversations with people at social events and gatherings, this session will also be a great way for you to gain those extra skills needed to feel more confident in these situations. Through this training session, you will be able to gain the skill and confidence to interact with other people whether you find yourself in front of a small or large group at both formal and informal events.

Objectives for this Public Speaking Training:

During this training session, participants will:

Enhance the ability to speak one-on-one with others

Having the ability to speak effectively in with groups of people is something that you can develop. In the beginning of Public Speaking Training session, individual participants will learn how they can enhance their speaking capability to build a strong one on one message when speaking with groups. The ability to be able to connect within individuals in the audience is a skill that great speakers are able to apply.

Begin to feel more confident speaking socially or small groups such as meetings

Simply building confidence will help you speak more effectively and with much more control. Here our trainers will be able to provide you and your team with modules and discuss how to build confidence for public speaking.

Practice developing these skills in a safe and supportive setting

In this part of the session we will be able to practice many of the techniques and apply the tools needed to speak more effectively. Our trainers will also be able to provide constructive feedback after the activity in order to point out the areas that need to be developed further. This will allow participants to advance their personal skills and knowledge.

Gain Communication Skills

Communication is a vital aspect when it comes to public speaking sessions. Without the necessary communication skills it will be difficult to get your point across to a large group of people. Here we will provide participants with some basic communication skills and develop the three main channels with more advanced techniques for those who already have a good foundation in the field of communication.

Learn a range of quick tips to calm nerves

Having the knowledge of how to calm your nerves will be an immense help to you before you engage in public speaking sessions. There are actually many techniques that you can apply to calm you nerves, though only a few work instantly. Here a wide array of techniques will be discussed so that participants may be able to choose the one that works most for them.

Improve with Body Language Delivery

Less experienced public speakers take for granted the effectiveness of body language. They don’t know that applying body language will make them look more professional and help them get their point across more effectively. Here our trainers will discuss the different techniques that you can apply body language while speaking publicly in order to project confidence and professionalism.

Be able to Interact with an Audience

If an audience feels disconnected with the speaker, the event will be less memorable to them and the point will often be missed. This is not what you want when you speak in public. Interaction is the key to get your audience energized. Here you will be able to learn the techniques and gain the necessary tools for you to keep the audience engaged and interested throughout the duration of your speech.

Effective Speaking Skills

This session will provide you with simple yet effective techniques that will allow you to enhance your public speaking ability.

Public Speaking (Conquering Fear) Training Summary

We will be able to create a session to cover the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Our professional speakers (international) that conduct motivational speaking seminars worldwide will be able to provide you and your organization with the proper techniques and skills required to be able to speak in public effectively and without fear. Though it is possible to create your own training outline, a sample training outline can be found below.

Sample Outline

Introduction and Course Overview
We’ll spend the very first part of the day getting to know your team and talk about what’s going to occur during the training session. Your employees will even have a chance to create some of their very own personal learning objectives for the day.

Great Communication Skills
To start, employees will share communication opportunities they believe they’ve missed within recent weeks. Then, the team will investigate obstacles to communication and potential remedies.

Interpersonal Skills
This session will take a look at two key social skills: asking questions and listening.

Self Disclosure
In this session, participants will learn about self-disclosure utilizing the Johari Windows theory.

The Art of Conversation
Next, your team will learn about and practice the four degrees of dialog.

Practicing Conversation
This session will wrap up everything your employee team have learned so far into one exercise.

Re-Designing Yourself for Strength
In this session, employees will acquire information about the seven parts of a great speaker.

This session will revolve around presenting a professional image.

Maximizing Meetings
Next, employees will discuss fifteen approaches to take advantage of meetings.

Sticky Situations
This session will give your employees a chance to recognize scenarios they have issue with, and also to brainstorm some remedies.

Controlling Nervousness
In this session, participants will learn some means to control physical and mental nervousness.

Tell Me a Story
To wrap up the day, participants will create a little, impromptu demo.

Class Wrap Up
At the conclusion of the day, pupils are going to have a chance to ask questions and complete an action plan.

Custom training for your workplace is also available in all major cities Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

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