Conducting Effective Meetings

Meetings are vital for any organization that wants its members to work towards a common goal while staying aligned with the mission and vision of the company. They can be used to determine how far along a project an individual or a group is and what obstacles they are currently dealing with that could be hindering their progress. Meetings can also be held with clients as a way to identify what it is that they require from your services. Other meetings held between different departments of the same organization, known as interdepartmental meetings, will see multiple departments meeting to collaborate on a project, or discuss company matters that may affect multiple departments. The flow of the meeting from the planning, preparation, strategy, communication, and other things will influence how effective your meeting will be.

Objectives for the Conducting Effective Meetings Training

This session will help us teach your employees how to:

Understand the value of meetings as a management tool

Businesses grow as a result of meetings. By understanding their value, you will be able to plan your meetings accordingly as professionally, efficiently, and effectively as possible. The interaction between the various departments within the company will also help with generating creative ideas, coordination of efforts, and planning. Our highly experienced professional trainers will instill in the participants the importance of meetings to an organization and give them advice on how they can all take part.

Communicate effectively with other meeting members

Communicating effectively in a meeting is of paramount importance if an organization wants all the teams to work with a coordinated effort to achieve goals set by the company. Here participants will learn simple yet effective communication skills that will allow for a more effective and efficient meeting.

Recognize the critical planning step that makes meeting time more effective

Conducting an effective meeting entails many steps. There is one step, however, known as a critical planning step, that all meetings should have to insure an effective meeting. In this part of the session, participants will b able to learn more about this step and how to apply it when planning a meeting.

Identify process tools that can help create an open and safe forum for discussion

Having the right tool for the job makes can often make all the difference. By being able to use the different tools available in order to assist the effectiveness and outcomes of a meeting, you will be able to set up a meeting that is effective without having to waste any time. If your goal is to be able to produce more results and improve performance in less time, this part of the session is for you.

Understand the Formality/Informality of Meetings

The style, or type, of meeting will largely depend on what the intended outcome for the meeting is. You can either have a formal, or informal, meeting depending on what you want to achieve during the meeting.

Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive Behavior

Many issues can arise during meetings. When these issues arise, it will be very beneficial for you to be able to apply some additional skills or techniques. The trainers that we will provide will be able to speak from personal experience and will also be able to provide effective solutions for these issues.

Conducting Effective Meetings Training Summary

Every organization needs to hold meetings regularly if it wants to set and achieve goals in a timely and effective manner. This is why it can be very important for an organization to be able to conduct meetings that are effective and efficient. This will minimize wasted tame that could have otherwise been used for more productive purposes. The sole purpose of this training session is to bring out the effectiveness of meetings. This Conducting Effective Meetings session is specifically designed in order to enable teams and individual members of an organization to recognize their specific roles within meetings and enable them to conduct a meeting that is professional, efficient, and effective and will also help organizations eliminate meetings that are ineffective due to reasons such as poor planning, poor communication, and counterproductive behavior. If you are looking for ways to implement more productive meetings within your organization, this training session will be able to provide you with the necessary tips, techniques, and tools to achieve just that. Your training session will also be customizable so that you may adjust the content to meet the standards of your organization and your industry.
Customized training for businesses will be available to participants from Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane. You will also be able to contact our team for assistance if you have any requirements or standards that you would like to have met during the training session. We have a range of meeting management training solutions and will also be able to provide you and your organization with samples of previous sessions that we have conducted. For more information on the training sessions that we will be able to provide you can simply call us at 1300 810 725 or you can contact us via the contact page.

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