Conducting Effective Meetings

Meetings have many uses. It can be one on one meeting with a staff member to ascertain how their work is progressing, to discuss things that could be affecting their work, or perhaps with a client to discuss exactly what they require from your services, or how well their project is running. Other meetings may have members from multiple departments meeting to collaborate on a project, or discuss company matters. Effective planning, preparation, strategy, communication and many other things can influence how effective your meeting is.

This Conducting Effective Meetings Session is designed to help teams and employees recognize their role within meetings and also how to conduct a meeting professionally and effectively.

Objectives for the Conducting Effective Meetings Training

This session will help us teach your employees how to:

Understand the value of meetings as a management tool

Meetings are a great way to grow your business or organisation. Interaction and discussion between departments will help with creative ideas, coordination and planning. Our trainer will discuss with the participants just how important meetings are to an organisation and how they can all take a part.

Communicate effectively with other meeting members

Learning how to communicate effectively in a meeting is important also. We discuss how some simple yet advanced communication skills will enable a more effective meeting with less time required.

Recognize the critical planning step that makes meeting time more effective

There are many steps to conducting effective meetings, however one stands out as a critical planning step that all meetings should have. Learn more about this step in the session.

Identify process tools that can help create an open and safe forum for discussion

Being able to use different tools and skills within meetings will assist in the effectiveness and outcomes. If you would like your meetings to produce more results and improve performance, this section is for you.

Understand the Formality/Informality of Meetings

There can be different modes when it comes to meetings. Do you wish to have a formal meeting or an informal one? Learn why both have benefits and drawbacks also. This session helps participants learn which type of meeting to conduct and they will also learn how to benefit from the style they choose.

Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive Behavior

There are a range of issues that arise in meetings. From time to time you may need some additional skills or techniques to help better handle the situations or issues. Our trainers speak from professional experience and knowledge of common issues that happen in all workplaces. We also provide solutions for these issues.

Conducting Effective Meetings Training Summary

If your workplace engages in meetings, then you may know just how important it is to make them effective. The whole theme of this training session is to bring out the effectiveness of meetings. Many businesses today rely on meetings and find some meetings can be ineffective due to the planning, communication and counterproductive behavior. If your team require additional help in conducting a successful meeting, this training session is packed full with tips and tools to assist. We can discuss and include any requirements within this session to help provide your staff with a standard for meetings.

Customized training for businesses in Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane. If you have any requirements or objectives not stated above, contact our team for assistance. We have a range of meeting management training solutions and can provide you samples of previous sessions we have conducted. More information on this training session is available by calling 1300 810 725 or contact us via the contact page.

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