Change Your Thinking

A great thinker can become a great asset to a business or organisation. Every day you come across problems and issues that affect the performance of your job. Learning more about how to look at problems and ideas will help you to discover new opportunities and come up with solutions you may have never had thought of before. This Change Your Thinking Session is designed to create new ways of finding solutions and looking outside the box. We discuss the 6 different thinking hats and also how emotion can change our thinking ability.

If you would like to learn new processes and systems to become a great thinker this session is for you. Training now available in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Parramatta


Change Your Thinking Objectives

This session will help you teach participants:

Emotional States

Learn how you can look at things differently by changing your emotional state. The emotion that you are experiencing will create a different outlook and assist with a different perception. With the difference views you then can find more resources and ideas.

The Problem Solving Model

There is a problem solving model that we discuss with participants. Learning more about the Problem Solving Model and how you can use the system to be able to solve issues more effectively.

Edward DeBono’s 6 different Thinking Hats

In many organisations today, the use of DeBono’s 6 thinking hats is widely utilized. Great for meetings, different perspectives, and assisting teams to become more advantageous in a broader information gathering.

Creativity and Passion Development

Learn how passion and creativity are two attributes that will assist in new idea creation, positive thinking and motivation/action. Being more creative and passionate towards subjects or work will help you to become more resourceful to create new ideas and systems.

Reprogramming via Self Talk

Our trainer will assist the participants to learn more about the systems designed to reprogram behavior to become more resilient, more motivated and create a mindset that will enable creative thinking.

NLP Techniques

Additional NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to enable a high performance attitude and results driven outlook.

Change Your Thinking Training Summary

This session will help create new minded individuals with a powerful ability to learn quicker, think differently and create better outcomes to solve daily issues or problems. This session can be modified to suit creative thinking for meetings and teamwork brainstorming. If you would like to create high performance individuals or become better at the thinking process this session will provide skills and tools to assist. Fantastic interactive session with plenty of activities and practical information. For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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