Call Centre Agent Training


Call centres provide a completely unique workplace atmosphere. Becoming a professional Call Centre Agent can be the difference between more success and better results than the standard Call Centre Operator. This Training Session is designed for call centre agents. Tricks, tips and training to help telephone call operators make a difference and increase their skills over the telephone. Improve the level of staff with this training and create professional and skilled call centre agents.

Entire training choices accessible in Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin

Objectives for Call Centre Training: Sales and Customer Service

How your team will benefit:

Develop an understanding of the nuances of body language and verbal skills

Body language can assist the telemarketer. Many call operators miss the opportunity in becoming better communicators over the telephone using body language. Our trainer assists with professional advice on using it more effectively over the phone.

Learn aspects of verbal communication such as tone, cadence, and pitch

It is important to understand how these areas will change the way you sound on the phone. Becoming an effective telemarketer requires professional phone manner. Learn more about these techniques in this session.

Demonstrate an understanding of questioning and listening skills

Many people may not know the potential of using questions and listening skills at an advanced level. We discuss how to use these two areas more effectively.

Acquire comfort with delivering bad news and saying no

Delivering bad news, or saying “No” can be difficult for some. We provide more tips and scripts in this area to provide participants with more ability to word everything in a professional manner.

Learn effective ways to negotiate

Being able to negotiate your way around on a call will enable you to increase your results. We discuss negotiation skills in more detail and provide individual assistance with activities designed to create more effective negotiators.

Understand the importance of creating and delivering meaningful messages

Successful telemarketers will create and deliver meaningful messages. There is no point to taking up your customers time, or speak on the phone without purpose. Learn how you can create and design your script to become more meaningful.

Use tools to facilitate communication

If you or your team are experiencing issues with communicating on the telephone, this session here will assist. Our trainer relates skills that are used by high performing call centres and teams. Learn here how to become a professional call operator who facilitates communication.

Realize the value of personalizing interactions and developing relationships

Give your customers and interations more of the personal touch over the telephone. Seven steps to creating a relationship over the phone and leaving your customers with a great lasting impression.

Practice vocal techniques that enhance speech and communication ability

We may be great call operators in our speech and communication, however there are always new skills and tools to improve. Learn here more about the latest vocal and speech techniques that will have you sounding the very best.

Personalize techniques for managing stress

The ability to manage stress can assist a call agent operator with increased performance, satisfaction and motivation. Learn some easy techniques to become better at managing stress and become free of the call centre environment issues.

More information on the course outline

What’s Missing in Telephone Communication?

To start, participants will investigate Albert Mehrabian’s study on communication and the way it effects phone communication. Participants will also study the function that body language plays in phone communication.

Verbal Communication

This session will cover the four E’s of a powerful phone voice and the way you may use them all to encourage a service picture.

Who are Your Customers?

Within this session, participants will learn about what a customer is, and they’ll identify some of their particular customers.

To Function and Please

This session will give everyone a chance to learn powerful, helpful phrases for helping customers.

Listening Skills

In this session, your team will learn techniques for active listening and remaining focused.

Asking the Proper Questions

Within this session, employees will learn about open and closed questioning tactics, also going through the probing styles of questioning.

Saying No

Delivering bad news and saying “no” can be two of the most difficult facets of the call centre representative’s job. This session will give your team techniques and practice in these two key skill areas.

Sales by Telephone

This session will discuss the way to utilize information delivery and connection building to help participants sell over the telephone.

Taking Messages

In this session, employees will examine some crucial components of taking messages. Then, they’ll produce a fast reference sheet they could keep by their own desk.

Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail

Voice mail is a great tool, but it can also be frustrating. Within this session, participants will discuss some hints for leaving messages and have a chance to practice and fine tune those techniques.

Closing Down the Voice

This session will give participants an opportunity to practice some vocal exercises.

Cold and Warm Calls

In this session, employees will learn about both of these kinds of calls and the manner to increase efficacy in each.

Having a Script

Scripts can be a powerful tool, especially for cold calls. This session will give employees the opportunity to lay out the framework for their script.

Perfecting the Script

Next, participants will learn methods to customize their scripts. We are also going to look at FAQ sheets as well as how they really can help participants on a daily basis.

Going Above and Beyond

This session will give participants 15 techniques for success and a few means to customize their service to greatly improve the customers experience.

Handling Objections

In this session, participants will learn different methods to address objections.

Closing the Sale

Next, participants will develop good question techniques which may help them close a deal.


In this session, participants will work in pairs to rewrite statements to show empathy for their clients in certain situations.

Customer Transitions

This session will investigate some means that customers have changed through the previous twenty years.


Discussion is a crucial ability for call centre success. In this session, participants will learn four skills to become better negotiators over the phone.

It is Much More Than Just a Stage

Next, participants will acquire information about the four stages of negotiation and a few distinct kinds of negotiation.

High Impact Moments

This session will investigate some scenarios where you come into contact with a client or customer at a time you have a tremendous impact on them.

Suggestions for Chatty Callers

In this session, participants will learn some means to deal with various caller types.

Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back

While today’s technology could ensure it is difficult to reach a decision maker, additionally, it provides opportunities. This session will give participants some ways to deal with phone tag.

Coping with Difficult Customers

This session will give participants nine simple methods for managing difficult customers. We are also going to look at how exactly to handle angry customers.

Stress Busting

We all need techniques for managing the anxiety within our own lives. This session will support participants to develop some personalized methods to manage anxiety.

News from Within

In this session, we’ll take short look in the inside workings of the call centre as well as how they’re managed.

Wrapping Up

While the class comes to a close, participants will work in small groups to produce a review action for each other. We will also go through a review of vocal exercises and techniques.

Call Centre Training Summary

This Call Centre Training: Sales and Customer training session will help call center agents learn to make the most of their telephone-based work, including understanding the best ways to listen and be heard. Each phone interaction has elements of sales and customer service skills, which we will explore in detail during this energizing and practical training session.