Business Etiquette Training

Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

What exactly is Business Etiquette? Business Etiquette: Gaining that extra edge is definitely a required attribute for good business. Display the basics and not so basics of business etiquette and have your business stand out. Increase professionalism and morale with business etiquette that many fail to deliver. If you have a team that require learning some of the following, this session can be custom designed to suit and bring out the best in your staff. Accessible in all states and territories Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Objectives for the Business Etiquette Training

This Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge training session will help you teach employees:

The Elements of a Good Handshake

Would you like to know more about handshakes and how to make your first impression count? We go through the body language and handshake etiquette rules. We also provide additional details on how to counteract the power handshake and other unwanted handshakes that others may provide to you.

How to Manage Business Cards

Business Cards are an important factor in connecting with others. In some cultures the business card can be used as a greeting and is s important as a handshake. Learn more about how to use this aspect within your business dealings.

Tips on Remembering Names

Have you ever met someone who can remember a large amount of information or data? There have been notable characters through history who have impacted others with their ability to remember people’s names. Our trainer will discuss their methods and assist participants to become more effective in remembering people’s names.

Ways to make a good first impression

This part of the session is quite interactive with demonstrations on how to make the first impression count. Learn how to make an impact and help others connect to you quicker with an impressive first point of contact.

The Basics of Dining Etiquette

We discuss how to dine in this small part of the session. Normally for groups who have meetings around the table, this session will help all to learn what to do and what not to do when dining out professionally. This section can be adapted to suit team training.

How to Communicate Properly and Politely

There are additional skills available for participants to advance their existing skills to more advanced areas. We provide a range of techniques to assist individuals to communicate properly and politely.

Business Etiquette Training Summary

Increasing your tools in a workshop will help you become better equipped for different situations. This session is designed to give you extra tips and tricks to provide that extra level of service.

The Business Etiquette Outline

Introduction and Course Overview

The very first part of the day will probably be getting know employees and talking about what’s going to occur during the session. Employees will even have a chance to recognize their personal learning objectives.

Fear of Humiliation

Fear of humiliation from doing or saying the wrong thing is really one of the very typical sources of anxiety in a small business or professional setting. We’ll examine a number of the reasons for humiliation and a few remedies.

Analyse Your Company Etiquette

As a pre-duty, employees were requested to finish a quiz on etiquette. In this session, you’ll review our suggested solutions; be prepared for some disagreement!

The Handshake

Through the significant first few moments of the fresh relationship, a handshake is generally the sole body contact between two individuals. We’ll discuss and illustrate the five variables of a great handshake.

Business Card Etiquette

The exchange of business cards is really a standard rite when meeting a fresh individual. We’ll discuss some things to hold in mind when giving and obtaining business cards.

The Ability of Making Small Talk

Having the ability to small talk successfully is really one of the very critical skills a businessperson can develop, but it’s likewise among the hardest. We’ll discuss some basic do’s and don’ts of small talk.

Do You Remember Names?

There are four keys to remembering names. We’ll discuss and practice all of these.

Making that Great First Impression

In this session, we’ll discuss some means that employees can ensure their first impression is ideal.

Dress for Success

It’s always hard to understand precisely the way to dress, especially in the event you’re meeting new people. We’ll cover some fundamental guidelines along with the facts of special dress codes. We’ll also talk about just what the color of the clothing says to others.

Business Dining

This session will revolve around the do’s and don’ts of business lunches. If at all possible, we suggest you have employees practice a real business lunch.

E-mail and Telephone Etiquette

How a businessperson presents themselves over the telephone and via e-mail is equally as critical as their inner person belief. We’ll discuss some crucial points of phone and e-mail etiquette in both a little group along with a sizable group setting.

Session Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the day, employees are going to have a chance to ask questions and complete an action plan.

We are able to remove modules and create your very own training session to cover your Business Etiquette training requirements. Please contact our team if this example session does not suit your needs. We are able to develop a workbook to suit your business and industry.

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