Body Language: The Art Of Reading People

Would you like to read people better? Maybe you would like to read employees or external customers, either way reading people can help you achieve more in your workplace. Body language describes various types of nonverbal communication, wherein an individual may show hints as to some unexpressed goal or feeling through their physical behavior. These behaviors range from body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Body language also can change with respect to the culture. This session can be conducted by one of Australia’s leading Body Language Experts. (Please request) This ensures a fantastic session that all will benefit from with the expert advice and demonstrations.

This Body Language Reading Session is designed to help participants understand how to read other peoples body language as a form of communication. Body Language is an important part of communication within relationships. Body Language is thus quite important to all areas of work and company where face to face communications are widely made. Australia wide training in all cities including Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth

Objectives for the Body Language Training

This session will help our trainers teach employees:

Understanding Cultural Body Language

There may be many different body language sessions available on the internet and some do cover some basic cultural body language areas. Our session is designed to assist with a more in-depth view of cultural body language and discusses many difficulties in communicating across borders. We develop body language signals that will assist you to build more rapport with people from around the world.

Using Questions & VAS (Visual Accessing Signals)

Learning how to read people by using Visual Accessing Signals and combining this with the use of questioning techniques will make you incredibly effective in reading people. Learn how the top experts are able to know what you are thinking based on the information and signals you are sending.

Watching the feet for direction

A persons feet will provide you with a substantial amount of information about interest, change of subject, active or non active participation and a range of other signals.

Mirroring behavior to speak your clients language

Learn how simple adjustments to your position, proximity, gestures and other body language signals will assist you to build rapport and connect easier. Speak to your customer’s language by working in some mirroring adjustments.

Extroverts VS Introverted Body Language

Would you like to know how to read personality via body language? We can provide you insight and assistance on how to pick up on personality types and styles with the use of reading body language signals.

Plus Much More

We can provide an in-depth training session on this subject as Paramount have one of Australia’s leading Body Language Experts. Learn more by calling or emailing us.

Body Language Training Summary

Many successful leaders state that reading people can be the secret to their success. Building relationships, communicating and make sales or conversations with clients all need body language. Even over the phone, your customers can still hear how you are sitting and the impact of this tool can be advantageous or disastrous. If you are looking for a fun way to educate our team on the importance of clear communication, this session is for you. Workplaces can flourish, teams disagree less, and people actually understand the context of what is being said more. Learn more about why this type of session is important for your workplace.

If you would like session created to be more sales focused, customer service focused or you have objectives that are not covered here, contact our team for more information on how we can assist you with our custom built training sessions.