Body Language 101: Sending The Right Message

There is more to business or indeed, even real life situations, than just one’s rhetorical prowess. Quite literally so; your gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, eye movements and even the twitching of your cheeks make up for a large percentage of what you’re actually trying to convey to others. Consequently, this percentage can determine consciously and subconsciously whether or not others can look at you and trust you. As a sales professional, you’ll need to squeeze every percent that you can get to convince your customers. This training session will allow you to achieve that end. Here, you will learn more about unspoken communication, how this can impact and improve relations with your team and customers and therefore raise profits.

Objectives for the Body Language Training

This session will help you teach participants:

Communication: The 3 main channels

To know more about body language, it is important to know about the characteristics which distinguish it from all the other types of communication. For this, you will learn about communication’s 3 Main Channels. You will also learn about how these channels interact with one another, allowing you to maximise your potential as a communicator.

How to read body language correctly

Reading other people’s thoughts is an ability that we’ve all craved at one point in our lives. Often, we find ourselves wishing for it so we can figure out whether or not they like us or, if you’re a sales professional, so you can lead your customers on and create successful outcomes for yourself. Of course, we all can’t hear what other people say at the back of their heads, but we can be on the lookout for the slightest signs of agitation, jubilation, and many more. Here, we’ll teach you how to read body language effectively using Clusters, Congruence and Context.

Stance, Territory and Personal Spaces

Body language is not just about what you’re doing. Ironically, it’s also about what you’re not doing. That little vacuum between you and the customer you’re addressing actually is one of the first steps to creating a sense of comfort. This is because people naturally feel comfortable when their personal spaces are respected. More importantly, this feeling is not actually one-sided; even you can benefit from the sense of comfort that you get as it reduces your sense of fear. There are various ways to exploit the advantages of not doing anything within the space between you and the other person, including how to spot people with larger spatial requirements and how to increase comfort within that space. Our trainer will provide you with even more information on the matter.

Visual Accessing Signals VAS (Reading peoples eyes)

Eye movement is one of the least subtle forms of body language and rightfully so; you can immediately see whether the other person is rolling their eyes, looking away, or looking straight at you. Consequently, reading eye movements is one of the easiest and most fundamental skills of body language reading. Just knowing how people’s eyes move can not only allow you to adjust whatever words you’re currently using, but how to draw their attention better. If anything else, it’s one of the first thing one sees before that delightful “thank you.” Our trainer will help you how to become a better body language reader by teaching you about Visual Accessing Signals.

Assertively Speaking

Being able to formulate sentences that eloquently express key points and create significant impact upon others is a sign that you’ve effectively mastered your language. However, in the art of the spoken word, there’s more to it than just speaking. Even the subtlest of body movements can help people think that you are an assertive person, possessed of certitude and capable of leading countless people to boundless glory– or at least, into buying your products. This section of our training session focuses on exactly that. Here, you will learn how to effectively combine eloquent language with equally eloquent use of body language.

Cultural Differences

Sometimes, knowing just the fundamentals of body language simply isn’t enough. Our diverse world lets you encounter various other peoples who may convey different meanings with the exact same body language. What could normally be construed as rude may actually be their way of expressing that you’re the best person they’ve ever talked to so far and vice versa. Therefore it is imperative that we interpret these messages correctly. Being able to do so not only maximises your potential as a professional communicator, it allows you to convey an image of (and learn more about) tolerance and therefore create an even greater impact in the world.

Body Language Training Summary

The science of body language not only allows us to achieve these ends, but even increase profits and reach more positive outcomes at a much quicker pace. Therefore, masterful execution of body language cues and body language reading contributes to one’s efficiency and can give you a much-needed edge in the business world. You may also add more skills to your arsenal by including more sessions into your training package. We also believe in learning happily, so we’ve prepared various interactive activities for you. Contact us for more information! You may also customise this training session to suit specific needs. We hold training sessions in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth.

Our company provides more than just the fundamentals of Body Language. We also provide sessions on more specific and advanced areas of communication and other skills to suit your team’s training needs. For more information on how to customise training sessions and inquiries about how our Body Language Expert can help you further, please contact us.

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