Training Guildford, Australia

Training for Guildford, Australia

Our ambition is to revolutionise the world of office education, improve participant effectiveness and make a positive effects. Our action-based and hands-on coaching sessions deliver real world application that change behavior and enhance workplace outcomes immediately.

Individual coaching and group training is available through our coaching solutions.

Training suited to your unique needs can be customised and is totally flexible in delivery. With a commitment to workforce and sector development, Paramount Training provides the most recent research and best practice.Our Training Consultants are prepared to design, produce and deliver a wide range of seminars, lectures, courses or workshops.

Development of a flexible training plan applicable to your organisation’s or employees’ needs is what we do best.

We can design a program that will boost quality, productivity, and profits through customisation.Soft skills constitute an very important need to every provider’s operations. There are particular soft skills all employees of a company are expected to possess regardless of level or position, in order for the company to flourish.

Whether you are up-skilling, changing career route to break into a new business, or wanting to challenge yourself, we can offer you the solution by giving you the professional, relevant and current skills and knowledge you need to achieve your ambitions.Find an education training provider in the community area.

Our faciliators often provide:

• Support in assuring all applications function at the highest standards, including routine evaluation of evidence base and best practice models
• Conduct internal research to determine training needs; supply information, analysis and feedback to key business decisions
• Assisted marketing advice and online social media training
• Design and run training related to jobs and continuous improvement initiatives that impact the business

Also available are courses such as:
Conflict, Workplace Bullying, Motivating your workforce, Team Building, Email Etiquette.

For a free consultation and information on the delivery of some of our training courses please contact us. If you’re limited for time our editing team can create a training session for you. With a library of workplace content, we can build your modules and workbook to suit you.

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