Texting at Work. Is it Good or Bad?

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Texting at work. Is it good or bad?
Texting is rapidly taking over phone calls, but is it appropriate to be texting during working
hours? This is a dilemma depending on where you work because some people send and receive
texts as part of their job. The line is drawn at whether your texting is work related or not.
Texting has become a major concern for employers due to the productivity of their employees.
When do you think it’s not surprising to see someone texting at work? A sales person in a
clothing store? A receptionist in a medical clinic? A children’s crossing person? A checkout cashier
in a supermarket who is texting while scanning items? Do you find texting in these situations
rude and inappropriate?

Developing a company policy regarding this matter has become very important, but even if your
company hasn’t got a policy on the matter, people just know that texting isn’t acceptable during
working hours. They hide their phones in their pockets, quickly checking it now and then before
slipping it back into their pockets while they look around to see if anyone was watching.
What is so bad about texting at work?

Consider the following situations; you are talking to a girl at a reception desk in a medical clinic.
You are explaining a matter to her as her phone, which is situated to the side, lights up. As you
are talking to her, she picks up her phone, reads her text and starts replying. You are walking
down a street and you see a construction worker perched high on a roof frame texting. You work
for a large supermarket chain and leave your checkout to go on lunch. As you are walking out to
the staff room, you see your manager in the produce section leaning on a trolley texting.
Are these situations professional? Considerate? Safe? Just like everything else, there is a time
and place for everything. Can you do your job properly if you are constantly checking you phone
because you are in some deep conversation with someone via text?

In situations where texting is part of your work, whether you are a businessman or a sales rep, it
shows honesty and a good reflection of character when you don’t use business equipment for
personal use.
Of course there are always times when we may need to receive a phone call or text during
working hours. It is courteous to then say to your manager that we are expecting an important
text or phone call because we have a plumber that needs to come over or I’m waiting to hear that
my daughter arrived safety from her flight.

For companies that employ people to drive and operate heavy machinery, large vehicles or any
vehicle for that matter, it’s vital to have a zero tolerance of texting and using phones while they
are working due to the large amount of accidents in the workplace that can be fatal.
You may have a manager that doesn’t mind or maybe doesn’t even care if you text when you are
at work but still consider how you come across from a customer/clients point of view and never
text when someone is trying to talk to you.

Written by Myra Glanford

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