Quick Tips for Building Rapport in Sales

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Build Rapport with these quick tips

Rapport SkillsRapport is an important part of building sales relationships. We have compiled some quick tips for sales people that could help them build rapport quicker and take advantage of this skill to build better relationships.


  • Think of someone you like.. Are they like you?
  • Think of someone you don’t like? Not like you or not like you would want to be

Points to Note

  • People ask themselves: Are you more like me or not like me (First impression subconsciously) It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression on another human being, according to a Harvard study of communication
  • People will not buy off people they don’t trust (and possible not like also)
  • Have the same viewpoints to build trust (choose those that you can agree with)
  • Become likeable to all people
  • Rapport is Power
  • Rapport = Total Responsiveness
  • People build rapport easier if similar (respond to people like themselves)
  • Questions don’t create rapport, but help dig for commonality
  • Rapport is a feeling of commonality
  • People like people who are like themselves or who they would like to be
  • Style is more Important than substance initially – Example: Tone of voice is irritating cant listed to the substance. Phone voice – get more appointments etc – too slow, too fast, too loud etc
  • Match keywords, use same vocabulary
  • Mirror Posture, Gestures
  • Breathing like your client will help you feel like they do
  • Pacing and Leading (5-10min of mirroring then lead)
  • Focus on them – don’t worry about the spiel (How to win friends and influence people Book)
  • Repeat and Rephrase
  • Use (Feedback Loops) example ‘This is something you mentioned correct?” “Do you see what I’m saying?” “is that ok?” Keeps them engaged.
  • Include them into the process “so what this would do for you is…”
  • Look for values – The more you understand the values, the more you can build rapport (Look at the house, they have children,
  • Things to talk about- Home (is where the heart is) Family/Friends, Entertainment, Work, Vision (Future plans etc). Sometimes talking about work can kill a conversation if someone doesn’t like what they do.
  • Problem or solution state (2 states client can be in) Interrupt problem state with a mismatch of body language then ask solution question to continue down this road.
  • Humour and personable behaviour will increase rapport

How do you know if you have rapport?

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