Problem Solving and Brainstorming

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Brainstorming is about creating creative solutions to some problem.  This method for inventive difficulty came around in the mid-1900s. Now, a Madison Avenue advertising executive called Alex Osborn was frustrated with his workers’ inability to create creative ideas.  He started to arrange group sessions and discovered that a substantial improvement in the quality and amount of thoughts produced by his workers.  Brainstorming encourages people to break loose from regular and interrupt pre-existing patterns of thinking.  Regardless if a challenge is new or old, brainstorming permits for new solutions available.  It is finally a sensible approach to difficulty.  The strategy utilizes a set of principles or methods that will assist you or your staff develop ideas.  Most frequently, these thoughts fuel even more thoughts, which, in turn, fuel ideas until a breakthrough happens.  Brainstorming works since it promotes different viewpoints.  When you analyse issues through different viewpoints, either independently or within a group, you see something you’re not able to view before.  It’s easy to believe that brainstorming is just the action of sitting down and thinking up ideas, but that is hardly true.  Brainstorming is powerful as it involves laying down a set of ground rules and Implementing techniques that better tap into the mind’s capacity to address problems.  Mastering the art of brainstorming unlocks the capacity to create new ideas on the fly, locate new business opportunities, create new products, solutions, and procedures, or develop present ones.  Brainstorming can be incredibly valuable at enhancing productivity, getting crucial to your group, and turning problems into opportunities.  However, first and foremost, brainstorming is enjoyable.  It is a terrific way to deliver a positive experience to your team or into a refresh your mindset about the jobs you are undertaking.

Envision one question that shows an individual’s capacity, creativity, strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, and the individual’s capacity to set a strategy together to resolve whatever issues you have.  Wow, that could be a fantastic question.  Well after years of looking, I have finally discovered it.  And that is why it’s my favorited interview query of time.  Before I provide you with the question, however, I would like you to consider your present job or one you are attempting to fill.  With this job, what would be the three or two large problems new individual is very likely to confront taking this function?  To get a sales place, it might be trying to meet with a significant customer.  For an engineering place, it is likely associated with figuring out how to fix some challenging technical challenge.  And to get a management position, it likely relates to creating a solid teamer obtaining a large project completed in time and on budget.  No matter the issue, if it is sensible and job-related, simply ask the candidate how he or she’d solve it.

Problem-solving generally goes through six phases: monitoring, divergence, development, convergence, analysing, and execution.  Most of the brainstorming methods we have reviewed obviously walk through those measures, but some might jump a step, and in several conditions, you’re going to want to repeat drill or step deeper into a single.  By doing this process, you may know about the way your training session is progressing, and you may certainly accommodate to help bring the ideal outcomes.

The top meetings receive the most out of all the participants.  And I wish to check out this in two ways, together with de Bono’s thinking hats, and everything to do about silent people.  To begin with, Edward de Bono and his hats.  He implied that a fantastic meeting, especially a problem solving a person, would entail an assortment of thinking styles, and you could devote the fashions from people to be certain every style acquired used.  He predicted that actually wearing the hats made it different.  Many people buy actual coloured hats and use them, but I do not think you want to go that far, if you don’t want to.  I believe that you prefer to allocate every imaginary hat to each person.  The most necessary hat I presume is your black hat.  This is the individual who you request to be the unhappy one, the individual who must consider what may go wrong.  And by allocating them the black hat, while it’s actual or fanciful, you are giving them permission to become unfavourable, or at least wary about whatever the assembly is consenting to.

You can learn more about De Bonos 6 Thinking hats in our training sessions for teams or meetings.

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