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Online Training Now Available Globally

Release: Australia 30 August 2018

A massive shift in its dynamic has just occurred to Paramount. The Australian-based education site has just announced that starting at the [second or third quarter] of the year 2018 they will be opening up their online education market.

The training will be offering a grand total of three hundred educational classes split into two major categories; Soft-Skill programs and Professional Courses. The over two hundred Soft-Skill Programs have been designed to help learners with people skills and self-management thus encompass programs related to teambuilding, critical thinking, root-cause analysis, workplace health and safety, and related topics.

The Professional Courses meanwhile are designed to equip their learners with all the knowledge they need to work at a professional level in whatever workplace they end up in. As a result these courses cover a diverse range of professions; anything from customer service, administration, human resource management, telemarketing, and so on.

Also coming down the pipe for Paramount later this year are all of over sixty training seminars to be hosted all over the country. These have been designed from the ground up by local experts in their respective fields and professional presenters have been hired to handle the events. Those interested in joining have been advised to sign up as soon as possible either individually or in groups as slots are limited. Sessions are slated to last all day from 9AM to 4:30 in the afternoon with all applicants’ needs catered for. For more details on these seminars, as well as the courses previously stated above, take a look at the workshop section.

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