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Paramount Enters Online Education

Release: Australia 30th August 2020

Paramount announces its entry into the online education scene. The Australian Adult Training provider has announced that a range of new content is coming soon, and with its coming expansion comes its foray into the online education field. The training team hopes to make a strong first impression with over one hundred brand new professional courses that learners can enrol into to study to fit virtually any profession they may serve; from sales and business, to administrative and managerial roles, writing, media, and many more. Paramount claims that these new courses were made to the same strict and high standards that their regular courses are constructed with, thus ensuring potential learners will be given the precise tools they need to serve as their chosen role in future employment, and ensure employers that any who carry the documents and certification with the school’s mark can and will be up to the task at hand.

Also launched with the professional courses come a contingent of over two hundred soft skill courses that aim to serve both individual learners and groups of learners in their personal development and advancement. The soft skill courses cover an even greater array than the professional courses and are no less detailed; covering personal skills such as self-assessment and self-motivation, interaction-based topics such as communication skills and etiquette courses, group solutions such as teambuilding and team management, to general workplace skills such as critical thinking, root cause training, and project development.

This massive growth and foray into the online market has certainly been a challenge for Paramount, though most people within their ranks argue that the opportunities that come with this bold new direction make this venture worthwhile.

Courseware Creation

The program is called “Content Creation” which aims to enable clients – whom feel that the already impressive catalogue of material is lacking – the ability to create their own content in the form of courses, manuals, and supplementary material that meets their very specific demands.

Paramount has also announced over sixty public workshops to be conducted across Australia. The coverage and content of these workshops range from basic livelihood, semi-professional, to professional level content promising attendees will expand and expound upon their pre-existing knowledge on the topics covered.

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