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300 Training Courses Now Available

Recently, Paramount Training and Development expanded their training course selection by up to 300. After already offering over 100 training courses covering every industry including car sales, retail, and customer service, advancements within the company and increasing public demand had caused Paramount to essentially triple the amount of training topics offered, as well as classrooms, and other offerings.

Out of the 300 training courses, 100 of these are devoted to professional skills, allowing employees to specialise in their respective industries. For example, employees seeking to hone their accounting skills may book in training sessions on Bookkeeping and Accounting Skills, while people within the call centre industry may avail of our Telephone Training, Telemarketing Training and Call Centre Agent Training, among others. These training courses are also highly versatile and adds pointers that employees from all industries can pick up on and put to practical use.

The other 200 are devoted to soft skills, which cover the more common aspects of these industries including the need to learn Basic and Advanced Body Language, Anger Management Training, Stress Management, Workplace Violence, Diversity Training and various others. This marked concentration on soft skills is designed to prevent attrition by focusing directly on the source: morale.

By expanding the number of learner-centric topics, all factors of morale reduction are effectively accounted for such as anger, stress, violence and discrimination within the workplace. This results in employees’ characters being moulded to adapt to any situation within the company and foster an affection for the industries and jobs they are currently in. Further, it also provides them the opportunity to spread positivity within the workplace, resulting in positive changes within company culture and an increase in productivity.

Each of these training sessions can also be combined and customised to suit client preferences, allowing them to focus exclusively on either professional or soft skills and even spread out their learning process by giving both skills equal attention. In addition to this, clients are also provided trainers with years of experience within several industries, expertise on soft skills and effective training methods attained from over 10 years of providing quality training sessions.

These training methods include Experiential Training which, according to Paramount, is “the process of making meaning from direct experience.” This ensures trainees that learning is never limited to theoretical aspects only. Activities will be conducted to incrementally and constantly hone the skills of students throughout the training process.

On the other hand, IMPACT Training, which stands for Interesting, Motivational, Positive & Attitude Changing Training, fosters positive communication and interaction between all trainees involved. This is due to Paramount Training and Development’s emphasis on creating not only skilled professionals, but also quality role models with both motivation and the capacity to influence others with their actions.

Lastly, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on the disposition and psyche of each trainee, allowing trainers to assess their very character, promote positive changes and even impart these methods onto the trainers themselves. The combination of each training method ensures versatility within trainees as well as a change in character. For more information on Paramount’s Training Courses, please visit:

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