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Negotiation principles that will assist you in business.

Before you try to negotiate anything, even daily things, take some time to consider these principles:

Know what is important to you

What are your goals and objectives? What is the perfect outcome? Know this both for the total negotiation and for each dialog. E.g.. For those who have a meeting, what is your goal, goal, and perfect outcome? Plan this out prior to the assembly. Ensure that your conversation is purposeful and deliberate.


Know what is important to them

It’s Essential to understand where the other side is coming from, what is important to them. This permits you to understand areas of wiggle room. What is important to you may not be important to the other party and vice versa. They do not need to understand that.What’s important to them?

Ask questions with empathy

You can’t understand what’s important without asking and listening. Get as much info as possible — from influencers, decision-makers, winners, Executive Assistants, your partner, children, etc.. When you ask a question, shut your mouth and close your lips. Listen to the reply. Attempt to probe for underlying issues.

Understand your limit

When push comes to shove, do you understand your walking off point? The final thing you need to do is negotiate–and win–a poor deal. Sometimes it’s far better to walk away.

What’s my walking off point?

Objections are Natural

In front of a deal is closed, objections often rise to the surface. These are common and natural. Be ready. Beforehand, consider what they could be and develop answers.

What might they object?

Move Forward

Always attempt to advance the conversation/negotiation farther along. Do not leave a conversation with no next step/meeting scheduled. Don’t go backward. These are All things you are able to exercise on a regular basis, even during the course of “normal” life, as life is littered with opportunities for negotiation.

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