Life Scripting And Self Talk

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Self Talk and ScriptingThe Power of Self Talk

The majority of our behaviorism controlled by our subconscious with no understanding. To show you and example, I walk right into a post office and there is a queue, I instantly become impatient without intentionally choosing to do that, I simply do. Perhaps going to a party, do I hang around in the kitchen and be bashful or do I go and speak with people? It is not a conscious decision and these behaviours, in actuality, all our behaviours are controlled by what are known as life scripts that are a set of scripts that we have stored in our subconscious. These are beliefs about ourselves that control our behavior and what happens that in the event you’ve got a script that says I am impatient or I am shy, then that is how you act in that circumstance. So, this script contributes to the behavior and the behavior contributes to an event which is me stamping my feet in the queue or hiding in the kitchen at a party and that then gets filed away in my memory and it strengthens that scripter that belief I have about myself, so as we go through life those scripts become stronger and stronger and you can have great scripts and poor ones.

Essentially, you record a script of phrases that have something to do with how you need to improve in life or to be better prepared for challenges that creep upward. If done correctly, you really can begin re-writing those pesky neural pathways which are bothering you from seeing that there are other choices out there. It is all about having more choices, more options, more opportunities to do what works best for you.

And you can have great scripts and poor ones. And clearly the terrible scripts we’d like to change. And you may change those by self-talk. You can change them by what you say to yourself in mind. So, let’s assume you have got to provide a talk and you have a script that says, I am very nervous about giving talks. The best way to change to your self, I really like giving talks, I am anticipating that talk next week, it is going to be nice. And if you keep saying it, it slowly becomes true in your thoughts. It is possible to gradually overcome the burden of history that is stored in your subconscious. Keep saying it until it becomes true. Among the most important steps would be to relax, calm down, and prepare your mind for being receptive to these helpful suggestions before beginning the Self-Talk script.

Make a list of items that you would like to improve on your life, things that you would like to perform better, or items you wish to be ready for. This is based from psychological techniques employed for the last couple of centuries. The science has come much and we know a good deal more about ourselves today — might also use it, right?

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