In-Person Sales Training: New Course Available

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In-Person Sales (New Training Available)

To a lot of sales professionals, freelancers, or basically people who have products to present in front of other people, sales can be a bit of a problem. No, it’s probably more horrific than even the scariest horror show simply because, well, the latter relies on a suspension of disbelief, while the former makes for an actual, heart-pounding experience than can have very real consequences both for your current job and your overall career. Like any horror film, the rest of the experience is filled with anxiety as you try to make your plans, unsure whether each of your schemes is going to work like clockwork until the results themselves finally unfold. However, unlike a horror film, you’re not doomed to experience the same things as the protagonist. You can avoid the jumpscares. You can bypass the obstacles if your plans are founded on foresight and executed well. Lastly, there’s no music to add to the tension– just the sweet words of encouragement and wisdom from the friends and trainers you’re about to meet! For this training course, therefore, you’ll be taught how to manipulate the outcome of any in-person sales process. Among other things, you will learn the basics of body language, effective communication, self-motivation, sales objection and other skills that will help you overcome any and all obstacles as a professional.


Objectives for the In-Person Sales Training Course

This training course will help participants learn the following:

How to be a self-sustaining well of motivation

Selling your product in-person is always interpersonal by default. It’s always you and the customer facing you; there are often no third-parties that can mediate the conversation, nor will you have your teammates to actively guide you or do the thinking for you. In such a case, therefore, it is necessary to be able to sustain yourself without any guidance from others. Of course, this isn’t to say that you’re alone in life and that no one will ever help you should life- or the customer- give you literal or metaphorical lemons. The only point of concern is that you need to be prepared for cases where there are no other allies and friendlies in sight. Needless to say, this sustenance comes in the form of self-motivation. Be it a sense of purpose, confidence, or even both, there’s one thing we can guarantee: with it, you’ll be able to overcome even the harshest challenges that come with in-person sales.


How to Read (and Write) Body Language

Body language literacy is often a key component of in-person sales. In fact, body language is often what makes up for more than a third of the entire conversation. Each verbal response always has a corresponding gesture either before the response is stated, while you’re talking, or even after it: a stomp, a twitch on your cheeks, a trembling leg, eye contact and so many others. What’s more, each of these, whether by themselves or in succession, contain their own meaning. A gesture could be an expression of fear or even a display of dominance over your conversational partner. It can also mean you’re winning the sale even before your customer utters the magical words. By cleverly using each of these meanings to change your persuasion tactics and your approach, you are able to effectively take total control over the conversation and get the sale you deserve. Not only that, you can increase your chances even further by actually making friendly gestures of your own. Our experts will be sure to light the way forward for you, so buckle up!


How to State Points Effectively

Of course, convincing people with your movements is one thing, but there will always be no substitute for the spoken word. Being able to speak your points effectively through succinct and clever usage of sentences will allow you bring points across while simultaneously reducing the number of clarifications asked. However, the temptation to over-explain and our obvious tendency to stutter when our nerves kick in can really be a hindrance. What should take you only 30 seconds long can end up being a minute or 2, or 3, sometimes enough to make customers go away by making them think you’re wasting their time. For the in-person sales course, therefore, it’s very necessary to deal with each by honing your speech in a fun way: through regular, friendly conversations with your teams, trainers and classmates!


Sharpen the Memory, Hone the Mind

If writer’s block is the bane of any person working for writing departments, then mental block is the bane of any sales professional. In fact, if you’ve already given sales a go, you’re probably thinking about all the moments where you could have elaborated on certain aspects more, or changed your way of communication in order to convince your customer. With this training course, you will be able to prevent such things from happening again (or ever) as you will engage in activities that will actively ensure that you can memorise your product’s merits and respond to arguments efficiently and effectively.


Deal with Difficult Conversations

Of course, not every customer is going to like what you say or how you say them. In fact, some of them might even try to question you just to make you feel bad for not answering them. Your patience might end up being thoroughly tested by such customers. Therefore, one of this training course’s goals is to help you prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally and secure deals with clever conversational tricks that can help you regain control of conversations already going awry.


In-Person Sales Training Course Summary

Selling in person can really be a tough proposition. It’s a task that requires patience, a solid disposition, and an even sturdier grounding. However, these are exactly what we’ll give you with the various topics we’ve prepared for this training course. With our discussions on memory retention, body language, self-motivation and more, you will be guaranteed the necessary tools to increase your success in sales and your company’s profits more effectively. You can supplement this training course further by adding other courses that will suit your team’s desired outcomes. If you wish to learn more about our services, please contact us and we’ll be willing to tell you what Paramount Training is all about!

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