How should we treat Customers?

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Treating Customers Correctly

If we can’t place the customer at the middle of our daily life, we’re sunk, let us face it. Most businesses ask their staff to do precisely that, treat the customers well and take very great care of them. The issue here is that the slogans and expectations and training fall to the wayside in favor of apathy and wavy implementation. This is frustrating since the laminated cards and signs which are posted in the break rooms and, in the time clocks guarantee a far better reality. You must inspire your staff to embrace this notion and cover it more than just lip service.

Here’s a workout! You might find useful to inspire your teams. This is something I have used in pre-shift, Huddle’s and in training workshops to have people on the front lines in the perfect frame of mind. Ask every member of your trained to treat each client as they would their very best friend or mother, dad sister or brother treat them the way. They would want their loved ones to be treated when they are out shopping and doing business with others in places. It is likely that you’d, need them to be treated with respect and deference and awesome hospitality so now take that feeling bottle it up and use it to drive amazing customer support.

This may seem like an easy exercise, but getting everyone in the perfect frame of mind to deliver on such a promise of terrific service pays dividends, and you might ever think thinking of people on your company is precious friends, and not only  customers patrons or clients are really going to assist you and your staff deliver, let us face it. Customer service sounds something you are very transactional, something which may occur between strangers, but the real hospitality is the way we treat guests in our house, how neighbors treat neighbors and there is powerful juju and that kind of thinking it could spread quickly through your business, exactly like the flu.  The trick here is not to let this fantasy wither on the corkboard, along with so many other well-meaning programs.

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