Handling violence in the workplace / Workplace harassment and bullying

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Work should be as comfortable as a second home. That being said, work is not always the safest place to be besides home. Events of workplace violence still happen, and many go completely unheard of and unreported. Pain and suffering can really hurt productivity, and then, it can really hurt the company and people’s lives. Through training, we learn how to recognise it when it happened, and also a general set of responses that are safe and appropriate to use to defuse, resolve, or prevent workplace violence. Some of the responses are good even before you start work. They prevent workplace violence before it can even happen, or at least, provide you with a way to deal with it nicely should it happen anyway.

A good start is to make sure that the administrators you’ll be working with are against such violence, and will take action if such things are brought to their attention. It does not bode well if the administrator allows a certain worker to bully another and does not stop it. The violence does not even have to physical altercations. Making a colleague feel uncomfortable at the workplace deliberately constitutes workplace violence. It could be physical assault, verbal abuse, or even sexual harassment. The numbers of reported cases of harassment are, by themselves, alarming, and terrifying if we stop to consider the likely number of cases that are not reported.

In learning how to recognise and respond to workplace harassment, you can then enjoy the benefits of a more properly functioning company to work in. People are more likely to respect each other’s personal spaces, conversational exchanges can become tactful and kind, and administrators will take greater care for the feelings of the employees.

This training seminar is very important for people who experience workplace violence in any way, shape, or form at their business. Being safe at work is a top-tier concern, and it should be everyone’s concern, from the lowest level employee to the CEO him or herself. If you want to protect yourself at work, or you want to make sure that your colleagues are safe at work, then this training seminar is a comprehensive take on the subject. The training can be conducted in all states across Australia, and Paramount Training and Development is ready to help you protect your workplace from violence. Safety starts with you, and after this seminar, it could be for everyone!

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