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Global Customer Service

If you are thinking this is the opportunity to expand your business to new geographical markets, there is something you need to know about the consumers you will encounter. Increasingly, they have more things than you think in common. The speed at which styles, trends, information and ideas travel around the world is accelerating. And consequently, we are seeing the growth of the international consumer. Our TV shows often reflect what advertisers think to be the typical family. Those families seemed a lot different 20 years ago than they do now in Australia. What did they look like then? Husband and wife of the same race, two grinning children, a dog, you understand. Now consider today’s Primetime television shows. I think you’ll agree it is very tough to describe the ordinary consumer in Australia the variety of cultural groups and household demographics have changed. Nowhere is this more apparent than the global teenager. As a result of this wide-spread usage of smartphones, today’s music, politics, fashion, arts and games, you name it, circle the planet in minutes. As young people catch what strikes them today, comment on it and send it on to the rest of the world. These international teenagers have significant buying power, also. As you’re thinking about expanding internationally, consider thoughts to reach and engage teenagers in a positive manner. However, what if teenagers are not your target market? That’s okay. The rise of the international consumer means marketers today can find ideas, concepts and messages that have international appeal. And often, these may be developed, tested and refined right in your home market before going global.

Global Customer ServiceThere are a number of topics that now have international appeal. For example: irrespective of the continent in which you live, concerns for the environment and also a subject of climate change are in the news every day. Social media on computers and smartphones is common, whatever the continent. Nearly every industry has companies which are tapping into this subject with Facebook webpages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. Certainly, as you expand into new states, you want to explore ways to get in touch to your new customers using these stations. The human desire to create, innovate and enhance applies globally. The widespread access to electronic media, such as the tools and programs that people currently have right on the phones in their pockets or purses, makes this much simpler. Think of strategies to position your product, service or companies something that can help spur that creative human component. So, here is how to put this notion to work in your company: I would like you to make a grid that has your services and products listed throughout the top. Then across the side, listing some of the international themes as you see them. For example: let’s say you own a business selling clothes made from a new fabric mix, and you would like to expand from the B.S.Archs. The top of the grid, you place your product categories that now consist of gym workout equipment and hiking gear. On the flip side, you list a number of the international topics, such as healthy lifestyles, environmental consciousness and looking healthy. Your next step is to fill in the blanks with some tips that strike you about these international themes and ways to tap into them to your company. I encourage you to do this exercise and get others in your company that will help you brainstorm insights to fill in the boxes. In doing this exercise, you are going to get the beginnings of a framework for how to position and promote your goods internationally.

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