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Reviewing Clients needs via Feedback

The most important element of a customer service training for me is applicable, and that’s the reason I put such a ferocious focus on customisation. Every training I provide for a company starts out with what I call the customization conversation, and that is where I sit down with management and that I come prepared with questions. Sometimes it’s heaps of queries. Questions to help me understand the audience. I wish to know what a day in the life span of the client facing employee resembles. I wish to understand regular interactions. I wish to learn about exclusions. I would like to know about the provider’s products or services. I wish to understand what keeps management up at night about the client experience. I wish to learn what employees struggle with. I follow the customization dialog up with more intense study.

Now, when I am working with a contact center, that more intense research is, I ask to follow a random sample of true cause between agents and clients. I wish to listen to the customer service. I want to hear both sides of the conversation I wish to find the clients experience in the customer journey and I wish to hear what they hear feel exactly what the client feels and then I wish to hear how the agent responds, how they manage interactions and this random sample is so strong for me, I get more out of a car inspection than I do the customization dialog, because I could hear the frontline employees on the job, so I hear what they fight with. I hear what they do well, and it is here that I know okay. This is what we will need to focus on. These are problem areas for your workers. Not all my customers are contact centers if I am working with the retail establishment.

This strategy, the customization dialog, the mystery shopper telephone review, lets me customize the training. So what you get is a training that’s the perfect match for the customer facing employees for your products for your clients.

Alright, what do you do if you get positive feedback from your customers right, exactly like anyone else perfect? Listen, do not let your clients comments, their opinions, be ambient sound, something which you just ignored. For the most part, it’s a tool, allow you know, which way to go, which way to turn and how to succeed. I can come in and teach your people how to get more positive comments, and will come in look at the comments, positive or negative and indicate to you, which way you ought to be going.

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