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Email Techniques for Workplaces

Email is becoming a standard and often used method of written communication on the job. Most everyone mails, and all of us tend to do lots of it. In actuality, a vast majority of our written communication is done through email, which means the guidelines for what’s acceptable to send has shifted. Agreements, proposals, job notes, and reports are all delivered by email today, many of which look directly in the body of the email, instead of as an attachment. For this class you will learn about the email guidelines used to write the best message and create the ideal tone for any email you create. Moreover, you’ll be given a checklist you can use as a reminder of these elements to consider anytime you send an email at work.

Sending and receiving emails have become an integrated part of how we operate. It’s a vital tool few can live without; and yet with all of the benefits email supplies it has some drawbacks too. All of us know that once we hit send our email is permanent. We can not take it back. We can not make corrections, can not undo mistakes, and can not alter the impression we might have made.

  • Course Aims
    In the conclusion of the course the student will:
  • Be able to develop a strong private email style that’s efficient and effective.
  • Understand how to select power vocabulary.
  • Understand how to separate objective and subjective portions of communicating.
  • Be able to compose email for the desired outcomes.
  • There’ll be a multiple-choice quiz at the end of the program.

While we know email is important in business, in a busy world, it is all too easy to hit send without providing our mails time and thought they deserve. This class presents four communication principles you can use to any email you write, for any individual you need to communicate with. While straightforward and simple, it will have a conscious effort to apply these principles and practice together. Call us for more details on our EMail Training options.

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