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Easy Marketing for Non Marketers

Well I’m not usually the type to write down every little thing I do, but I think this little record is worth recording since it’s been an important juncture in my life right now.

I’m a simple woman you know; I keep to myself and my family, and I watch over my children as they grow up and learn and reach out for whatever dreams they want to achieve. It’s tiring but I’ve always found a way to get up in the morning and do it over again, because every day they learn something new and grow up a little bit more, and it fills me and my little old heart with a great happiness.

It used to be a bit easier before now though. Merely years ago my husband was a specialist working at an oil rig in the west coast of the Australia. It was hard and difficult work, and more than a little dangerous especially with the squall and storms kicking up every now and again. He got unlucky in one of these squalls and got into a nasty accident. I’m just glad that he’s still with me, and he’s still perfectly capable of getting money for the family, but until he gets a promotion, we won’t be seeing the kind of money he made back then.

Now I may be a simple woman but I know when I should stand back and watch, and when to take the initiative and take action. It’s in my blood; my nana served in the nurse corps back in World War II, and I’m just as willing to go forward and sacrifice whatever part of me needs to be sacrificed to keep those I love in school and funded, especially now.

Admittedly I’m not exactly well-versed in technical work, I mean I can do everything passably but I needed a way to make a quick buck and do it sustainably. I looked around my place, high and low; but unbelievably for whatever reason they wouldn’t hire me because I lacked experience and I was too old for their work! Unbelievable, but I’d have to get used to it.

Looking for work like that was stressful so every now and again I had to take breaks. I’d sit around and titter with one of these touchpad phone things that my son taught me how to use when he was younger. I found a fun game where I played a trader getting goods and services from people in one place, then I’d go to another place and sell my goods there, and slowly but surely build-up all the money I’d ever need. That’s when I had my Eurika! Moment; why don’t I try to do some marketing myself?

The only problem with this idea was that I didn’t know thing one about marketing in the first place. I know the basics, and took up a basic economics class when I was younger, but as for the hows and whys of marketing I didn’t know anything.

That’s around the time one of my hubby’s co-workers came to visit, and over some beers and laughter I half-heartedly asked him if he knew any means I could learn how to become a salesman of some description. Basic livelihood or something akin to that. The statement sobered him up and with my hubby’s laptop and a few more drinks later we were at this website… I forgot what it was called, and we found me a course that said I’d learn how to become a marketer easily. The price was a bit steep at first glance if I’m honest, but my hubby and his colleague insisted that it was going to be worth it.

With a bit of help from my son I eventually familiarised myself with all the weirdness and trappings of working online and started our first projects; brainstorming ideas for what kind of business I wanted to run, what products I’d end up selling someday, and a few others. There were lectures, interactive activities, and an entire backlog of other odds and ends that I ended up tackling which eventually helped me figure out a basic idea of what I’d be doing going forward.

Honestly though, everything iss a bit of a blur upon recollection. There were keywords and sort of flashpoint discussions that have stuck with me and my mind after all this time and some guidelines that I think I remembered and stuck with me after all this time.

Some of them include the following:

  • Finding a Source: If I was going to sell something I needed something to sell first. I’d need to find a supplier, and have the initial investment be large enough to satisfy them, but small enough that it wouldn’t completely tank my burgeoning market.
  • Supply Chain: Related to the first point I made above, once I have a steady stream of supplies coming in, I needed to make sure that this would stay steady for as long as possible and factor in things like changing prices and supply and demand and figure if it would be worthwhile to continue my business or not.
  • Risk management: I need to make sure that I sell one thing and if it doesn’t take off I switch out to something completely different while balancing everything else as I proceed.
  • Marketing strategies: Of course having the product is all well and good, but a lot of background planning as to where I’m selling my stuff, the local market context, and so forth.

These were only some of the lessons I managed to drill into my old noggin, but I remembered more that I can’t name off the top of my head. I eventually started up a small business of selling food to local construction workers at decent prices. I’ve only been working this sort of job for a while, but it’s sustainable and it’s keeping my children in school and learning. One of them is already heading out to university, so prospects are looking good. All of this because I took a risk, and got the reward I needed for it.

Written by Lisa Sawe

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