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Giving Control to the Learner

Australian-based Adult Skills training service provider Paramount Training and Development is making its first steps into the Customised education market with a strong initial offering of over three hundred courses. These cover a vast array of topics and discussions ranging from professional work to personal improvement, but with a special twist.

Content Modification is a system built into the training courses that allows the clients to approach selected staff at Paramount to modify and adjust the contents of their course as they want, These can be done through a varying array of methods, but the end result will be the same; lessons can be substituted, teaching styles can be changed, and even core fundamentals can be shifted around. This feature promises both the opportunity to adapt the content to the learner, and further specialise it to meet the learners’ needs.

To address select clients’ concerns of lack of appropriate content or severe content dissonance in their pre-existing courses, Paramount’s answer is its Content Creation program. This allows certain clients to work with school experts and resources to create entire courses, workbooks, and supporting content from scratch. This is a highly complicated and difficult process and its implementation is said to put everything Paramount has to the test. The trainers assure prospective clients however, that the end result will meet and even exceed their expectations and finally give them the content or the edge they need.

Both of these programs, just as the courses and training programs before them, have been made and pressed into service by Paramount to give absolute control to the learner. If the learner prospers, the world prospers, and part of that world is Paramount itself. Contact us for more details or view our course range here.


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