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Customer Service Professional Courses

Customer Service professionals will need to know a good deal more about the various methods of providing services to the clients. It’s no longer sufficient simply to know the fundamentals.

There have been numerous changes in customer expectations and with service delivery, and that’s why we’ve created a completely new collection of qualifications and certificates. This training session has been made to encourage employees in their aim to get relevant qualifications which practically apply to the ever-changing world of consumer services.

We concentrate on the fundamentals, general knowledge, terminology and fundamental concepts used in Customer Support.

At the end of the class:

  • ·Communication Strategies
  • ·Contact Centers
  • ·Making Decision and Assertiveness
  • ·Delivering presentations and Public Speaking
  • ·Conflict Resolution
  • ·Customer Relationship Management
  • ·Sales
  • ·Retail

What am I going to get from this program?

  • Learn how selling is simple
  • Understand the phases of selling
  • Discover the gold rules in selling

What’s the target audience?
Anyone seeking to get an understanding of Revenue for Client Support and its practical application in the company environment.

What are the prerequisites?
Basic Comprehension of the Company industry
Knowledge of the English language

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