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Welcome to Effective Techniques for Handling Difficult Customers.

I’ll discuss some techniques and hints on dealing with difficult customers which you can use to assist you deal with customers that you experience in your workplace.

You know, no matter how good you’re at your job and no matter how much emphasis that you place on outstanding customer service. If you deal with customers, you all need to deal with difficult customer experiences. When customers are confrontational over rough or unreasonable, it becomes harder than ever to provide helpful and courteous service. But when customers are satisfied with a take-charge attitude and a positive outlook, they instantly feel great about doing business with your organization. We’ll explore not only how to deal with difficult clients and their complaints, but how to learn from them so that we can avoid future problems while solving the current ones.

We are going to start by having a look at how we can understand customers.

What do customers really want when you can start to understand things? From a client’s standpoint, you can start to see how they might get difficult when they do not get what they desire and expect.


The fact is that dealing with customers, all sorts of clients is a requirement of virtually any task in which an employee comes in contact directly with the public being able to deal effectively with Customers and having employees that are able to effectively deal with clients, even those customers who may be difficult, is essential to a business’s ability to operate. If you are a front line employee manager or a company owner, if you’re the one who must deal with the members of the general public, then you’re the face of the organization and you will need to know how to and be able to act appropriately in challenging conditions.

Now difficult customers come in many different shapes and sizes, they’re difficult for a variety of different reasons. All of you, as well as dealing with your own clients, have been customers yourself. Can you think about a time when you yourself might have been looked at as a tricky customer? I certainly can. I can think of more than 1 time I was looked upon as a challenging customer, though I thought I was being perfectly reasonable, and I know the reason why, in the end, it always comes down to the same thing. I didn’t get what I believed. I should be receiving. That’s the one thing that all hard customers have in common they’re, not getting what they need or they are not getting what they expect.

You all know that when you have customers, regardless of what you’re selling you are, also selling customer satisfaction a satisfied. Customer may tell a few people of their great experience, but a dissatisfied customer will tell many people about their experience and with the number of ways that people have today of sharing their bad experience through social media. For example. It’s more important than ever that you find the ideal way to give your customers a positive experience. The best way to give clients a positive customer experience is to give them exactly what they want. So what do customers want? As we said, we’ve got all been clients at one time or another, so put yourself in your customers place and think when I am the customer. I want and then fill in the blank, if you are running a small business or a large corporation, whether you are promoting dollar-store items or luxury products. Every client wants some of the same things. Let’s look at a few of the very best things that customers want and see. If you do not agree that if you are the customer, you need these same things, respect from the people who provide service, regardless of which sort of service from the person who cuts their hair or their lawn. All customers want some degree of respect.

As a customer, when you ask a question – and you get told – I don’t know it’s not my job – your customers aren’t interested in excuses, even if they are valid they don’t need to be told that the computer is down or that the shipment was delayed or That your technician is out sick. They only need to hear what you can do to get the work done. Customers want basic courtesies, they need a pleasant greeting and a fantastic attitude. Can you return to a restaurant where they were annoyed to have to seat you? How much money would you spend if the salesperson was rude every time that you visited the shop typically, I’m guessing not much? If you returned to the store in the first place, customers want fairness. How would it make you feel if you found out that another customer got a much better deal than you did for the same product or the identical service and customers want speed? They don’t like to wait to a lot of consumers, the faster that you can provide what they want, the better the customer experience will be. Have you ever gone through an automated voice system replied half a dozen questions just to be sent to the wrong person who puts you on hold for five minutes while transferring you to yet another wrong person. Personally, I have become a very difficult customer on very minor problems, since I spent half my day trying to get to the perfect person who could finally answer my query. I didn’t get what I wanted.

Customers want honesty. If you are not able to meet your promises, not only will you have an unsatisfied customer on your hands, but they will spread the word about promises broken to anyone who will listen. Bear in mind that most people aren’t just buying a product or service they’re searching for a solution for their problem. If you can fix their issue and supply satisfaction, then you have a happy client customers want you to be proficient at your job. They look at you to be the expert at your job and that is part of what they’re paying you for. I hired a virtual assistant that claimed she had a good deal of website and technical skills when I spent time training her than what it would have taken me to do. The job myself, I didn’t get what I want and I didn’t get what I anticipated and I never used her services and clients want appreciation. They wish to have a sense that their business is important to you, who wants to spend money with someone that doesn’t appreciate their business.

Customers want a product or service to be available. If you have advertised a product or service, the customer expects it to be available.  Clients expect products that they purchased to be safe and they expect them to do what they advertised. 

So if you know what the customers need, all you have to do is give it to them right. Knowing what the customer wants is only one part of the struggle in providing good customer service and dealing with difficult customers. Customers can be difficult for a lot of different reasons, and you need to be able to adapt your response accordingly.

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