Customer Service Training Tubbamurra

Tubbamurra Local Customer Service Training

Customer service isn’t a department. It’s a philosophy to be embraced by each employee.
Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this client service class will give you the skills to provide deal with complex or challenging customer service situations.
In today’s rapidly changing business world, the trick to a successful organisation isn’t only about providing a quality service or product, but also about delivering great customer care.
This course is fantastic for call centers wanting to keep abreast of the most recent thinking in relationship building as well as individuals who confront the customer on a daily basis.

The Outline:

  • Always welcome a customer with friendliness and a willingness to serve
  • Consult and communicate effectively with relevant people
  • Easier management of staff and customer issues due to increased satisfaction of employees and clients
  • Giving customers the wrong impression
  • How to Offer customer service over the phone
  • Learn lessons from your most difficult customers
  • Recognise every customer touch point is a ‘moment of truth’
  • Things we inform customers and things we don’t
  • What your clients, desire, need and anticipate

About This Customer Service Training Session

An important part of the training is to provide solutions to meet those needs and expectations through consistent and positively reinforced training.
Our Customer Service class will engage, instruct and equip your team members with the skills required for often tough customer support based roles.
Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long-term viability of every business.
With a range of training options, take a look at some of the most popular themes or have us design something special for you.

This Customer Service Training could be customised to suit the local area of Tubbamurra.