Customer Service Training Toorak

Customised Customer Service Training For Toorak Area

Clients are any organisation’s finest assets.
Do you have well-developed skills and a broad understanding of customer service plans?
Most customer service training emphasises skills and behaviours. These are important. But delivering the best possible customer service — maintaining your customer retention high — requires more than basic training, it requires cultural change.
This short course provides you with practical skills, strategies and knowledge.

The Outline:

  • Anticipating customer needs before they become a problem
  • Demonstrate flexible ways of dealing with difficult clients
  • How to identify and address the needs of your customers
  • Include a staff training program and review staff performance frequently.
  • Practical exercises in pairs and trios with group discussion
  • Seek post-sale feedback from clients.
  • Techniques for handling complaints to the customer’s complete satisfaction
  • Use verifiable data while keeping reporting processes to compare changes in client satisfaction

About This Customer Service Training Session

Assessing all customer touch points and focusing on professional communication, this course will not just help you manage, track and report on the effectiveness of your service to clients, but manage customer complaints in a professional way.
If you’re in a customer focused role or you handle a client service team, this program is perfect as it will better enable you to provide high quality service to clients and clients.
Schedule the training when it’s convenient for your staff.
We can adapted to your specific needs and the examples used can be quite specific to your organisation.

For more information on this Toorak Customer Service Training session contact us.