Customer Service Training Conjuboy

Customised Customer Service Training For Conjuboy Area

Customer Service Training will provide your whole team with the knowledge and skills required to continuously exceeded guest expectations.
If you’re in a customer focused role or you manage a customer support group, this course is ideal as it will better enable you to provide high quality service to clients and clients.
In this customer service training course, participants learn the crucial skills necessary to provide excellent customer service through real world exercises and group activities.
This course discusses how to connect with the customer and illustrates how to handle customer service on the phone, in-person, responding to and sending email, and when dealing with challenging customers.

The Outline:

  • Advance a customer service program from a basic to advanced degree
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients utilising efficient communication processes
  • Delivering bad news to customers in a professional way
  • Helps customer-facing-staff to understand the importance of good service and its role in customer retention
  • Identify Ways of promoting your organisation and fostering business
  • Practical tips for managing dangerous anger
  • Remember to use ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ and provide world-class courtesy
  • The secrets to great rapport with customers and partners
  • Why you lose customers

About This Customer Service Training Session

Establishing a successful customer service program on your business demands commitment from yourself and your own staff.
One-day instructor-led customer service training classes are offered at your site for up to 15 students per course.
To put it simply, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher level of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more revenue.
You will learn methods to attract, connect with and keep customers in a competitive market, including how to turn complaints into opportunities.

Training sessions customised to suit the Conjuboy local region and business.