Customer Service Training Clontarf

Clontarf Local Customer Service Training

Customer experience training is vital for any organization that works with customers or clients.
Engage your staff with customer service training that’s easy to implement and simple to use.
Inspire Your Company with a WOW Client Service Philosophy!
This course covers essential topics in providing quality customer service.

The Outline:

  • Enjoy how their individual effort counts towards the success of the organisation
  • Capture suggestions for improvement from customers
  • Enjoy their work more, so clients can feel their enthusiasm for their role
  • Giving customers the wrong impression
  • How to make customers feel important, and why you should
  • Raise the bar on customer service and marketing strategies
  • React to a criticism as an opportunity for service recovery and to enhance systems
  • Respond to and report on customer feedback and complaints
  • Understand that all businesses are in the ‘relationship’ business
  • What customer service is

About This Customer Service Training Session

An excellent course acceptable for all management and staff. Our courses can be tailored to fit the requirements of every business when dealing with both external and internal customers, regardless of industry or the size of your business.
Participants will learn key concepts and take part in facilitated discussions and exercises that will personalize the customer support content to their precise functions and responsibilities in the organization.
This customer service course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for serving internal or external clients.
We’re also experienced at providing bespoke training courses in customer services, as well as longer term programmes to fulfill specific organisation goals and service standards.

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