Customer Service Training Clarendon

Customised Customer Service Training For Clarendon Area

Customer experience training is crucial for any organization that works with clients or clients.
Do you understand customer requirements and problems and would like to provide advice to staff members?
It costs less to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones. Additionally, satisfied customers are more receptive to additional sales messages and are likely to refer others to that business.
This 1-day customer service training class introduces entry-level customer service representatives to the fundamental principles and techniques required to deliver excellent service.

The Outline:

  • Advance a customer support program from a basic to advanced level
  • Complaint handling practice
  • Delight the customer by going beyond customer satisfaction
  • Get serious about providing great customer service.
  • The Way to resurrect lost customers
  • Lessens stress by providing skills to de-escalate challenging situations
  • Responsiveness — how do we improve
  • Understand how an individual’s behavior influences the behaviour of others
  • What distinguishes us from our competitors?

About This Customer Service Training Session

Ideal for team members at all levels who are wanting to develop their customer service and communication skills for working with internal and external customers.
Our courses can be tailored to meet the demands of every business when dealing with both external and internal customers, irrespective of industry or the size of your business.
The plan of short modules which can be delivered by group leaders to equip their people with the knowledge and skills to deliver the expertise.
Throughout the program, you’ll receive training that takes you in the principles of customer care through to providing quality customer feedback and customer satisfaction as a means of improving and potentially growing your business.

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