Customer Service Training Clarence Park

Customer Service Training For Clarence Park

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Yet it is surprising how few people and organisations have mastered providing consistent service excellence.
Engage your team with customer service training that’s easy to implement and simple to use.
One good customer service experience can alter the whole perception a client holds towards the organization.
This customer support class provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to make certain that products and services are delivered and maintained to the standards your customers have come to expect.

The Outline:

  • 5 ways to reduce costly mistakes
  • Build trust with clients by informing when a promise cannot be fulfilled
  • Defining good customer service
  • Follow-up to ensure completion
  • Identified ways they can add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations
  • Listening fully and with focus
  • Recognize that service delivery is a single response value
  • Understanding the customer’s business needs
  • What does good service look like and feel like?

About This Customer Service Training Session

Good customer service is an essential component of any successful enterprise. Not only will your clients feel good about doing business with you, you can strengthen your company reputation and opening up opportunities for repeat business.
If you are in a customer focused role or you handle a client support group, this course is perfect as it will better enable you to provide high quality service to customers and clients.
This Customer Service Training Course is for professionals who want to make a substantial contribution to their company’s image or bottom line and make their own lives easier by consistently providing exceptional customer service to both external and internal customers.
We can also design a full-year and multi-year customer service program to build and sustain a customer-focused culture.

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