Customer Service Training Capella

Capella Customised Customer Service Training

An engaging customer service training class to develop and fine-tune customer service skills, with half-day or one-day training options available.
Every single contact between you and the client is important. This course can allow you to recognize the fundamental principles of good customer service practices, whether you communicate with customers in person, on the telephone or via email.
Individuals who interact directly with a customer needs to have a skillset and mindset to meet or exceed a customer’s expectations.
This customer support course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to make certain that products and services are delivered and maintained to the standards your customers have come to expect.

The Outline:

  • 5 ways to improve your over-the-phone character
  • Builds your flexibility for different situations through heightened communication skills
  • Dealing with objections
  • How to build good will
  • Interpersonal skills with customers
  • Manage stressful situations with clients face-to-face and over the phone
  • Recognize that service delivery is an individual response worth
  • The lifetime value of existing clients
  • What customer service is

About This Customer Service Training Session

An important part of the training is to offer solutions to meet those needs and expectations through consistent and positively reinforced training.
Our Customer Service course will participate, instruct and equip your staff members with the skills required for often tough customer service based roles.
Provides the high-quality training needed to meet the high standards expected by your customer.
We can also design a full-year and multi-year customer support program to build and maintain a customer-focused culture.

If you’re a business located in Capella we can provide a customised Customer Service Training to fit your team.