Customer Service Training Caloote

Caloote Local Customised Customer Service Training

An engaging customer service training class to develop and fine-tune customer service skills, with half-day or one-day training options available.
Every single contact between you and the client is important. This course can help you recognize the fundamental principles of good customer service practices, whether you communicate with customers in person, on the telephone or via email.
The benefits of good customer service are endless.
This brief course gives you practical skills, knowledge and strategies.

The Outline:

  • 11 creative techniques to sharpen your listening skills
  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Delivering bad news to clients in a professional way
  • Group discussion, presentation, exercise with group review
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention creating greater potential income for the company
  • Presentation, revolving flipchart exercise in small groups, group review
  • Recognise every customer touch point is a ‘moment of truth’
  • Up selling and cross selling Methods
  • What makes clients stay, and the reasons they leave

About This Customer Service Training Session

Establishing a successful customer service program on your business requires commitment from yourself and your staff.Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this client service class will give you the skills to manage complicated or challenging customer service situations.
Service professionals need to understand that they’re the very important links between the customers and the organisation. This session is for Customer service representatives, sales professionals, sales and customer service supervisors and managers, marketing professionals and managers, front line workers, anyone and everyone who comes into contact with customers!

We can run this Customer Service Training onsite in Caloote.