Customer Service Training Burswood

Customer Service Training For Burswood

Being able to clearly explain the next step in a process and confirming that the client is satisfied, will decrease the number of callbacks and return clients. Improving “first contact” resolution is one of the primary drivers of customer satisfaction.
Feedback from workshop participants tells us that they can immediately apply their new skills to their office the next day.
This course provides guidelines and best practices for providing excellent customer service that will enable frontline associates and support staff in back-up and support roles to build, preserve, and increase a loyal customer base.
This customer service course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to ensure that products and services are delivered and maintained to the standards your customers have come to expect.

The Outline:

  • Active listening including taking notes
  • Produce a reputation for reliability by fulfilling their promises to customers
  • Develop the skills and practices that are essential elements of a customer service focused manager.
  • Group discussion, demonstration, exercise with team review
  • Identifying ways to add value and exceed customer expectations
  • Manage stressful situations with clients face-to-face and over the phone
  • Remember to use ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ and offer world-class courtesy
  • Taking ownership of problems
  • Use verifiable data while keeping reporting processes to compare changes in client satisfaction

About This Customer Service Training Session

Establishing a successful customer service program on your business requires dedication from yourself and your own staff.
Loyal customers tell others and promote the benefits of your services and products. Professional, certified instructors with extensive experience in the service sector teach the classes.
You will learn ways to attract, connect with and retain customers in a competitive market, such as how to turn complaints into opportunities.

Training sessions customised to match the Burswood local area and business.