Customer Service Training Baulkham Hills

Customer Service Training For Baulkham Hills

Customer Service Training will provide your whole team with the knowledge and skills required to constantly exceeded guest expectations.
Fantastic customer service is vital for all businesses, large or small. It may have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where prospective customers choose to invest their money. Simply put, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher level of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more earnings.
The benefits of good customer service are endless.
This class discusses how to connect with the customer and illustrates how to manage customer service on the phone, in-person, responding to and sending email, and when dealing with challenging customers.

The Outline:

  • Active listening including taking notes
  • Dealing with clients in person
  • Developed skills in engaging with clients and handling their enquiries effectively
  • Explaining technical information to non technical clients
  • Identified ways they could add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations
  • Practical tips for handling dangerous anger
  • Reduce client turnover for long-term benefits and success
  • The 80 / 20 Rule — why you should ‘super-serve’ your top 20 percent
  • What distinguishes us from our competitors?

About This Customer Service Training Session

Establishing a successful customer service program on your business demands dedication from yourself and your own staff.
Participants will learn key concepts and take part in facilitated discussions and exercises that will personalize the customer service content to their precise functions and responsibilities in the organization.
The course ensures that the students can transfer these skills to the job and thereby provides a substantial return on the training investment to the organization.
We are also experienced at providing bespoke training courses in customer services, in addition to longer term programmes to fulfill specific organisation targets and service standards.

Training sessions customised to suit the Baulkham Hills local area and business.