Customer Service Training Bass

Customised Customer Service Training For Bass Area

Customer expectations are on an all-time large. In spite of continual insights, many customer needs are still not fulfilled. This is a clear sign that training has to be more strict.
Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this customer service class will give you the skills to provide deal with complex or challenging customer service situations. So as to stick out in today’s business environment, an individual can’t hope to have by just meeting customer expectations.
This program provides tools and skills to make memorable service experiences leading to customer loyalty and productive customer centric organisations.

The Outline:

  • Actively listen to a customer with a complaint
  • Communicate effectively with your clients via email, telephone, and in person.
  • Develop strategies to obtain client feedback for enhancing the provision of products and services
  • Handling customer enquiries
  • Individual and group exercises, facilitated group discussion
  • Presentation, revolving flipchart exercise in small groups, group review
  • Responding to customer complaints
  • Take possession of a client problem; follow it through to settlement, and follow-up to confirm the problem is resolved to their satisfaction
  • Why the choices you make with each client contact are so important

About This Customer Service Training Session

An excellent course suitable for all management and staff. Our courses can be tailored to fit the demands of every business when dealing with both external and internal customers, regardless of industry or the size of your business.
Participants will learn to “wow” customers and build strong customer support teams.
This program provides your company with the tools to finish onsite, face-to-face training for numerous employees.
We’ve got a great deal of great customer service training courses which will be a fantastic fit for you and your staff.

Supplying local training options to your Bass business.