Customer Service Training Barker Creek Flat

Customised Customer Service Training For Barker Creek Flat

Searching for customer service training classes?
Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this client service course will provide you the skills to provide deal with complex or challenging customer service situations.
Our training provides advanced customer service tips for your organization depending on the content field or competency you want to improve.
The customer support course is delivered as an interactive lecture with key concepts and techniques workshopped providing participants an opportunity to put these skills into practice.

The Outline:

  • 5 ways to reduce costly mistakes
  • Complaint handling practice sessions with feedback, group review
  • Empowers you with techniques to deal with difficult or problematic situations
  • Examples of exceptional customer service skills
  • How to keep from becoming upset and unraveled
  • Presentation, revolving flipchart exercise in small groups, group review
  • Responsibility for customer service
  • Strategies for improving cooperation between departments
  • Use verifiable data while maintaining reporting procedures to compare changes in client satisfaction

About This Customer Service Training Session

Ideal for staff members at all levels that are wanting to develop their customer service and communication skills for working with internal and external clients.
Our customer service training is always adapting to the most frequent method of communication used to connect with your customers e.g. face to face, telephone, email.
Satisfied customers are loyal customers.
We can adapted to your specific requirements and the examples used can be quite specific to your organisation.

The practice is made for local companies within the Barker Creek Flat region.