Customer Service Training Balkuling

Balkuling Local Customer Service Training

Customer service is carefully and deliberately designed to suit your business — not by doing different things, instead by doing the exact things differently.
Good customer service is critical for all businesses, big or small. It can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers decide to spend their money.
In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must ensure that they are delivering the highest quality customer support. The course teaches service agents critical skills in the areas of professionalism, communication, managing the call, managing the customer, managing job stress and other abilities like cross-selling.

The Outline:

  • Body language skills
  • Communicate effectively with your customers via email, phone, and in person.
  • Easier management of staff and customer problems due to increased satisfaction of employees and customers
  • How to get assistance from managers, coworkers, and staff
  • Identified ways they could add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations
  • Learn lessons from your most difficult clients
  • Remember to use ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ and offer world-class courtesy
  • The 80 / 20 Rule — why you should ‘super-serve’ your top 20%
  • Why finding new customers costs five to seven times more

About This Customer Service Training Session

An fantastic course suitable for all staff and management. Our courses can be tailored to fit the requirements of every business when dealing with both internal and external customers, regardless of industry or the size of your enterprise.
In order to make customer satisfaction, you want to go beyond good customer service and exceed your customers’ expectations with exceptional service every time.
Schedule the training when it’s convenient for your employees. This session is for Customer service representatives, sales professionals, sales and customer service supervisors and managers, marketing professionals and managers, front line employees, anyone and everyone who comes into contact with customers!

The training is created for local business within the Balkuling area.