Customer Service Training Baldivis

Customer Service Training For Baldivis

Customer Service Training provides your whole team with the knowledge and skills necessary to constantly exceeded guest expectations.
Have you got well-developed skills and a broad knowledge of customer service plans?
In this program, the learner will learn about customer service and its connection to the international market, the significance of ‘great service’, and exactly what the client expects.
The way your customers buy from you is very important, since if the purchasing experience is frustrating or difficult a client might not even finish their initial purchase, let alone return.

The Outline:

  • 3 steps to assertive behaviour to get difficult messages across in tactful, respectful manner
  • Dealing with customers in person
  • Defining good customer service
  • How to avoid making a poor telephone impression
  • Interpersonal skills with customers
  • Nature of communication – what it is and why it goes wrong
  • Seek ways to continuously improve
  • Taking a “Can Do” attitude and follow-through with actions
  • Using positive language and tone of voice

About This Customer Service Training Session

As you discuss the various skills and techniques, you will draw from your own personal and varied experiences to discuss elements of challenge and reward. Consider this class as a re-energizing time to build and expand from where you are now.
Learn the strategies involved in exceeding customer needs and guiding staff to comprehend and retain customer relationships.
The design of short modules which can be delivered by group leaders to equip their people with the knowledge and skills to deliver the expertise.
You will learn methods to attract, connect with and retain customers in a competitive market, including how to turn complaints into opportunities.

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