Customer Service Training Australia Fair

Australia Fair Local Customer Service Training

Clients are the lifeblood of any enterprise. Yet it’s surprising how few people and organisations have mastered providing consistent service excellence.
Feedback from workshop participants informs us that they can immediately use their new skills to their workplace the following day.
In today’s rapidly changing business world, the trick to a successful organisation is not only about providing an excellent service or product, but also about delivering great customer care.
This customer service course will provide practical techniques for improving how to manage customers in a broad range of challenging situations.

The Outline:

  • 5 ways to improve your over-the-phone persona
  • Customer contact model and support criteria
  • Demonstration, facilitated group review, pairs exercise with group review
  • Handling work based customer requests
  • Identify the key elements of customer service excellence
  • Make eye contact and smile when face with a customer.
  • Strategies for contending with rude or abusive callers
  • Understand customer diversity
  • Why you lose customers

About This Customer Service Training Session

An important part of the training is to offer solutions to meet those needs and expectations through consistent and positively reinforced training.
Participants will learn to “wow” customers and build strong customer support teams.
The customer service training is either a complete or half-day customer support workshop focussed on the critical role individuals play in building customer loyalty and creating positive service experiences.
We are also proficient at providing bespoke training courses in customer services, as well as longer term programmes to meet specific organisation goals and service standards.

Professional Customer Service Training to suit your Australia Fair group.