Customer Service Training Asquith

Customised Customer Service Training For Asquith

An engaging customer service training class to develop and fine-tune customer service skills, with half-day or time-management training options available.
Good customer service is critical for all businesses, big or small. It can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers choose to invest their money. To put it simply, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher degree of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more revenue.
In this customer service training course, participants learn the essential skills required to deliver excellent customer service through real world exercises and group activities.
The customer support course is delivered as an interactive lecture with key concepts and techniques workshopped providing participants a chance to put these skills into practice.

The Outline:

  • Active listening including taking notes
  • Develop effective interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills
  • Handling work based client requests
  • Internal vs. External customers
  • Personal presentation tips
  • Respond to and report on client feedback and complaints
  • The value of a Vision Statement
  • Ways to create a winning first impression

About This Customer Service Training Session

All of our programs can be customized to satisfy your specific needs.
Our Customer Service course will engage, instruct and equip your team members with the skills required for often difficult customer support based roles.
This course provides guidelines and best practices for providing excellent customer service that will enable frontline associates and support staff in copy and support roles to build, preserve, and increase a loyal customer base.
We’ll provide you valuable know-how on a broad range of topics like organizing your desk, proper email etiquette, dealing with tough customers, and how customer service will make your business excel.

Professional Customer Service Training to suit your Asquith team.