Customer Service Training Ashbury

Customised Customer Service Training For Ashbury

Customer service isn’t a department. It is a philosophy to be adopted by each employee.
Fantastic customer service is vital for all businesses, large or small. It may have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers choose to spend their money. Simply put, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher level of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more earnings.
Providing great customer service is an art.
This workshop will give you the skills to deliver a level of customer service that sets your organisation apart. You will learn ways to attract, connect with and keep customers in a competitive marketplace, such as how to turn complaints into opportunities.

The Outline:

  • Body language skills
  • Choose appropriate behavior for different customer service situations
  • Develop more confidence and ability as a problem-solver
  • Explore the principles of great service
  • How to make your customers love you and tell everyone they know
  • Understand How to Influence the Attitude of Your Clients
  • Review your performance and plan for customer service improvement
  • The 3 Principles of superior customer service
  • Why the choices you make with each customer contact are so important

About This Customer Service Training Session

Companies will need to give their employees access to a wider range of knowledge source, subject matter experts, examples of best practices and other peoples’ experience of customer service.
Learn about customer service skills, building customer loyalty, creating effective first impressions, managing customer expectations, and more by filtering through our training and development workshops.
The customer service training is either a full or half-day customer support workshop focussed on the critical role people play in building customer loyalty and creating positive service experiences.
We can adapted to your specific needs and the examples used can be very specific to your organisation.

This Customer Service Training could be customised to suit the local area of Ashbury.