Customer Service Training Archdale

Customer Service Training For Archdale Area

Being able to clearly explain the next step in a process and confirming that the customer is satisfied, will decrease the amount of callbacks and return clients. Improving “first contact” resolution is one of the principal drivers of customer satisfaction.
Gain thorough knowledge and understanding of customer service practices and become confident in handling enquiries, complaints, and communications.
Providing great customer service is an art.
This 1-day customer service training course introduces entry-level customer service agents to the fundamental principles and techniques required to provide excellent service.

The Outline:

  • Apply critical communication skills
  • Customers’ psychological needs
  • Effective Methods for building customer loyalty
  • How to exceed customer expectations
  • Identify what your organisation must offer customers
  • Obtain customer feedback to continuously refine a customer support program
  • Reward customers with a customer loyalty program.
  • Time management techniques
  • What is Customer Support?

About This Customer Service Training Session

An important aspect of the training is to offer solutions to meet those needs and expectations through consistent and positively reinforced training.
So as to create customer satisfaction, you want to go beyond good customer service and exceed your clients’ expectations with exceptional service every time.
This system provides tools to identify the various ingredients that contribute to difficult customer situations; understand and defeat them and demonstrate how customer retrieval can benefit your company. This session is for Customer service representatives, sales professionals, sales and customer service supervisors and managers, marketing professionals and managers, front line employees, anyone and everyone who comes into contact with customers!

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