Customer Service Training Araluen

Customer Service Training For Araluen

Being able to clearly explain the next step in a process and confirming that the customer is satisfied, will reduce the number of callbacks and return customers. Improving “first contact” resolution is one of the primary drivers of consumer satisfaction.
Fantastic customer service is an integral component of any successful enterprise. Not only will your customers feel great about doing business with you, you can strengthen your company reputation and opening up opportunities for repeat business.
In this customer service training course, participants learn the essential skills necessary to deliver exceptional customer service through real world exercises and group activities.
This course helps customer service providers understand the importance of their role and develop essential skills required to provide superior customer service.

The Outline:

  • 4 ways to build a powerful team
  • Builds your versatility for different situations through heightened communication skills
  • Diagnose problems in matching service delivery to customers and immediately action procedures to resolve customer complaints
  • Giving customers the wrong impression
  • Include a staff training program and review staff performance regularly.
  • Lessens stress by providing skills to de-escalate challenging situations
  • Recognise Different Customer Personalities
  • Understand how the service-profit chain affects your organisation.
  • What makes clients stay, and the reasons they leave

About This Customer Service Training Session

An excellent course acceptable for all staff and management. Our courses can be tailored to fit the requirements of every business when dealing with both internal and external customers, regardless of industry or the size of your business.
Our customer service training is always adapting to the most frequent method of communication used to connect with your customers e.g. face to face, telephone, email.
Target audience is Client Service representatives.
We have tons of terrific customer service training courses that will be a great fit for you and your team.

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