Customer Service Training Angledale

Customer Service Training In Angledale

Customer Service Training will provide your entire team with the knowledge and skills required to continuously exceeded guest expectations.Developed and introduced by customer support specialists, this seminar teaches ways to work easily with others and create a more pleasant atmosphere.
In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must ensure that they are delivering the highest quality customer service.
See the skills required to provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers.

The Outline:

  • Ask key staff what they already do to provide good customer service.
  • Customer contact model and support standards
  • Encourage ideas, observations and suggestions from all staff.
  • Factors of voice that add and detract from the message and picture being portrayed
  • Introducing colleagues to resolve customer service issue
  • Know how to defuse situations with clients and to handle tough situations
  • Sharing our personal experiences of good and poor service
  • Understanding the customer’s situation
  • Using positive language and tone of voice

About This Customer Service Training Session

An important part of the training is to offer solutions to meet those needs and expectations through consistent and positively reinforced training.Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this client service course will give you the skills to deal with complicated or challenging customer service situations.
Target audience is Customer Service agents.
Throughout the program, you’ll receive training that takes you from the principles of customer care through to providing quality customer feedback and customer satisfaction as a means of improving and potentially growing your business.

Quality customised Customer Service Training available in Angledale if you have a team.