Customer Service Training Amyton

Customised Customer Service Training In Amyton

Clients are any organisation’s finest assets.
Have you got well-developed skills and a broad understanding of customer service plans?
Our customer service skills training is specifically designed to develop the participants skills and behaviours to offer exceptional customer care.
This system provides managers with the tools to construct a customer centric organisation utilizing the most up to date customer support strategies for sustaining and building a culture of service excellence.

The Outline:

  • 11 creative techniques to sharpen your listening skills
  • Consequences of poor service
  • Define what great customer support is for others and yourself.
  • Defining Customer Service
  • How listening could surmount a stressed situation
  • Identifying the nature of customer complaints
  • Know how to defuse situations with customers and to handle tough situations
  • Recognise what employees are searching for to be genuinely engaged.
  • The 3 Principles of superior customer service
  • Using body language to your advantage

About This Customer Service Training Session

A customer support program formalises the level of customer service you aim to supply, and what practical things you will do to achieve this.
Our customer service training programs already include many great research-proven topics for you to choose from.
This system provides tools to identify the various ingredients that contribute to difficult customer situations; understand and defeat them and demonstrate how client retrieval can benefit your company.
With a selection of training options, have a look at a number of the most popular themes or have us design something special for you.

If you would like to book a session for your group in Amyton please let us know.