Customer Service Training Altona Meadows

Customer Service Training For Altona Meadows

Clients are the lifeblood of any enterprise. Yet it’s surprising how few people and organisations have mastered providing consistent service excellence.
Do you understand customer needs and problems and would like to provide advice to staff members? In order to stick out in today’s business environment, one cannot hope to get by just meeting customer expectations.
This workshop will give you the skills to deliver a level of customer service that sets your organisation apart. You will learn ways to attract, connect with and keep customers in a competitive marketplace, such as how to turn complaints into opportunities.

The Outline:

  • Attract customer compliments which are recorded, recognised and rewarded
  • Create a reputation for reliability by fulfilling their promises to customers
  • Encourage ideas, suggestions and observations from all staff.
  • How to do ‘service recovery’ and turn an irate client into a positive urge
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention by creating loyalty
  • Make decisions to overcome problems and accommodate customer services
  • Sharing our own experiences of good and bad service
  • Ideas for providing customer service over the phone
  • Using body language to your advantage

About This Customer Service Training Session

Companies need to give their employees access to a larger range of knowledge source, subject matter experts, examples of best practices and other individuals’ experience of customer services.
Our courses can be tailored to meet the demands of every business when dealing with both internal and external customers, irrespective of industry or the size of your business.
The course ensures that the students can transfer these skills to the job and thereby provides a substantial return on the training investment to the organization.
With a range of training options, take a look at some of the most popular themes or have us design something special for you.

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