Customer Service Training Allandale

Customer Service Training For Allandale

An engaging customer service training course to develop and fine-tune customer service skills, with half-day or time-management training options available.
Fantastic customer service is an integral part of any successful business. Not only will your clients feel great about doing business with you, you can strengthen your organization reputation and opening up opportunities for repeat business.
Our comprehensive customer service training courses are designed to help your employees respond to customers’ needs.
This dynamic and interactive, course was designed to help individuals acquire knowledge and skills necessary for producing memorable service experiences leading to customer loyalty.

The Outline:

  • Attract customer compliments that are recorded, rewarded and recognised
  • Dealing with customers in person
  • Develop effective interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills
  • Follow-up to ensure completion
  • Identifying challenging customer requests
  • Pre-planning to get the most from time, priorities and people
  • Responding to customer complaints
  • Take ownership of a customer problem; follow it through to resolution, and follow-up to confirm the problem is resolved to their satisfaction
  • Why you lose customers

About This Customer Service Training Session

Customer service training programs enhance the customer service skills and abilities of your staff and equip them with the customer support tools mentioned previously.Ideal for those working in a contact centre role, this customer service class will provide you the skills to deal with complex or challenging customer service situations.
This system provides your organization with the tools to finish onsite, face-to-face training for any number of employees.
We can adapted to your precise requirements and the examples used can be very specific to your organisation.

On the lookout for interactive and transformational Customer Service Training for staff in your workplace? Contact us to discuss how we can help spark your team’s performance.