Customer Service Training Adelaide

Customised Customer Service Training For Adelaide Area

As the first line of contact with customers, service agents can affect customer perceptions and ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.
If you’re in a customer focused role or you manage a client support group, this course is perfect as it will better help you deliver high quality service to customers and clients.
Most customer service training emphasises skills and behaviors. These are important. But delivering the best possible customer service — keeping your customer retention high — requires more than basic training, it requires cultural change.
This in house customer service skills course is aimed at creating service skills, including handling the harder situations.

The Outline:

  • Addresses the skills necessary to provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers.
  • Complaints and why we want them
  • Define what great customer service is for others and yourself.
  • Defining Customer Service
  • How to avoid making a poor phone impression
  • Identifying ways to add value and exceed customer expectations
  • Make decisions to overcome problems and adapt customer services
  • Realize that service delivery is a single response worth
  • Things we tell customers and things we don’t
  • What your customers, want, need and anticipate

About This Customer Service Training Session

All of our programs can be customized to satisfy your precise needs.
No travel costs, the training is conducted at your own facility.
This program provides tools to identify the many ingredients that contribute to difficult customer situations; understand and defeat them and demonstrate how customer recovery can benefit your company.
We’ve got tons of great customer service training courses which will be a fantastic fit for you and your staff.

Training sessions customised to match the Adelaide local region and business.